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Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes in Limoges - The Ultimate Carp Fishing Experience


This TEN acre lake is stocked with approximately seven tons of fish or around four hundred carp. At current stock levels 85 of the those carp will be over 45lb up to 65lb plus.

Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Bait and Tackle

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Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France
Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France Catch Reports
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Cornish Pasties
Arrival Date: 02 October 2010
Group Name: Cornish Pasties
Total Lbs: 2073lb
Largest Fish: 53lb
Cornish Pasties
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Kev's Crowd
Arrival Date: 19 May 2007
Group Name: Kev's Crowd
Total Lbs: 656lb
Largest Fish: 54lb
Kev's Crowd
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Bernie & Schnorbitz gone Europe
Arrival Date: 27 September 2008
Group Name: Bernie & Schnorbitz gone Europe
Total Lbs: 1767lb
Largest Fish: 58lb
Bernie & Schnorbitz gone Europe

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Team Members: James Venosi
Weights of Fish: Hi Adam,   I hope you and Tony are well and everything is going ok.   I have managed to sort out some photos of the fish which I have caught from a water in the Lea Valley over the last year. (My serious fishing).   I don't think I have had a blank since I have been using the bait. It has out-performed and has been more consistent than the shop brought baits, whilst others have struggled when the lakes fished hard.   I also fish day sessions on an estate lake every now and again and I have lost count of the number of fish that I have caught over the past year from there. To give you some idea, I spent two Saturday's (7 hour sessions) in the middle of June and had 18 carp on one day and 22 on the other. The bait has been working really well and I have also taken it to a new water as a guest and have caught there as well.   The only problem is... I am fast running out of the rum and raspberry and the yellow pop-ups you had made for me!   I've been fishing them critically balanced with an 18mm bottom bait. Please could you let me or dad know when you are doing another bait order. We would love to come out this year if you have places later on in the year. If I can persuade Dad. He still needs to catch a 50!!!   Speak soon,   James
Arrival Date: 17 July 2014
Group Name: English Catches on Rum&Raspberry
Team Comment: A cracking few sessions from one of young angler's using Paradise Lakes rum&raspberry bait in the uk. James has only been fishing at Paradise once and landed some cracking fish to mid 50lb and has carried on his success in the uk with some stunning fish.

Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes

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Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing in France (Limoges Maudan)

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