Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes

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Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes in Limoges - The Ultimate Carp Fishing Experience


This TEN acre lake is stocked with approximately seven tons of fish or around four hundred carp. At current stock levels 85 of the those carp will be over 45lb up to 65lb plus.

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Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France
Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France Catch Reports
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Mark. Mark, Paul, John 
Arrival Date: 18 April 2015
Group Name: Mark. Mark, Paul, John 
Total Lbs: 1850lb
Largest Fish: 63lb
Mark. Mark, Paul, John
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Jack and Crew
Arrival Date: 17 October 2009
Group Name: Jack and Crew
Total Lbs: 975lb
Largest Fish: 54lb
Jack and Crew
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Three and a half men
Arrival Date: 17 August 2013
Group Name: Three and a half men
Total Lbs: 2848lb
Largest Fish: 56lb
Three and a half men

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Team Members: Richie, Barry, Rik, Steve, Pete, Dex
Weights of Fish: 19x20lb 28x30lb 14x40lb 6x50lb. What a great weeks fishing, the best catch for 6 anglers this year, and Richard the best single catch banking over 1400lb of carp with two 50lb plus carp, and the biggest fish of the week at 59.04lb. Steve banking the most 50lb carp for one angler in a week with 4x 50lb's. Well done lads great having you all back again and look forward to seeing you all again in two years time P.S sorry we could'nt get you in next April.
Time Fishing: 7 nights some fishing done during the day but it was so hot.
Arrival Date: 21 April 2007
Group Name: The C.R.A.C er's
Total Lbs: 2516lb
Largest Fish: 59.04lb
Weather Conditions: Very hot loads of sun and very little rain.

Richard with a 54lb mirror

Steve with a 53lb mirror

Rik with a 45lb mirror

Pete with stumpy at 47lb

Dex with a sturgeon of 35lb

Rich with the biggest fish of th week at 59.04lb

Nice one Rich great catch

Rik with a 43lb mirror

In the water with a 40lb mirror shame about the shirt

View from the shallows over the doubles

Barry out on the boat

Rik with a mid 20lb cat

Steve with a mid 30lb mirror

Steve with a 52lb mirror

Rich with a mid 40lb mirror

Rich with the fully scalled at 47lb

Rich with an upper 30lb mirror

Rich's bivvey in the shallows

30lb common for Rich

Mirror of 45lb for Rich

Rich with another 40lb mirror

Barry with a mid 20lb mirror

Dex with a 30lb stergeon

Rik with a 30lb cat

54lb mirror

Rich with a mirror of 42lb

Upper 30lb mirror

Pete with a cat of 26lb

From the left Rich, Barry, Rik Steve, Pete, Dex.

Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes

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Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing in France (Limoges Maudan)

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