Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes

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Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes in Limoges - The Ultimate Carp Fishing Experience


Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Bait and Tackle

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Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France
Paradise Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday in France Catch Reports
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Crackers return 2012
Arrival Date: 01 April 2012
Group Name: Crackers return 2012
Total Lbs: 2535lb
Largest Fish: 58lb
Crackers return 2012
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - The Bordeaux boys part 2
Arrival Date: 10 September 2007
Group Name: The Bordeaux boys part 2
Total Lbs: 550lb
Largest Fish: 51lb
The Bordeaux boys part 2
Carp Fishing in France Catch Report - Mark and the rest of us
Arrival Date: 29 March 2008
Group Name: Mark and the rest of us
Total Lbs: 3570lb
Largest Fish: 57lb
Mark and the rest of us

Carp Fishing Rules and Regulations

The Carp fishing in France at Paradise Lakes Rules and Regulations are outlined below:

Too all that are fishing at Paradise this season please have a good read through the following. The rig set up for the lake, at least 1m of tubing above the lead. Nash cling-on tungsten tube/Fox edges loaded tungsten rig tube/ESP flex anchor rig tube or something very close to these will be fine just as long as its around 1m in length to protect the fish from tail and scale damage. The MCF lead drop system must be used we will not except any other system on the lake.

  • NO unhooking mats or slings (we supply)

  • HOOKS TO BE USED MUST be short shank wide gape micro barb please no shark hooks, NO Korda hooks of any kind to be used due to hook pulls and mouth damage.  NO long shank or similer. Hooks we have in stock and that we would like customer's to use. GF Wide Gape 6,7,8's,/Drennan super specialist, 6,8,10's.Fox teflon armer point/Owner Ct5 iseama/Ct5x 4,6,8,10's.  Please try and source these hooks which you will find in any good tackle shop or we can supply on arrival.

  • NO SHOP MADE RIGS PLEASE, if you are fishing Paradise lakes then we feel you should have enough knowledge to tie your own rigs not rely on factory made shoddy rigs to catch our carp. 

  • NO lead core of any kind to be used or brought on to the premises, hook link and main line material MUST BE MONO / no amnesia NO XLINE, NO FLUROCARBEN or any other product similar

  • NO shock leaders, snide leaders, fixed leads, back leads/flying back leads . All hook links must be weaker than your main line. We recommend 12lb or 15lb Gold Label Pro Gold 100m Spools Low visibility/or Gold Label Pro Clear 100m 12lb,16lb Low visibility.  These two hook link materials are good all round mono's please dont get ripped off with other materials they wont perform like Gold Label.  We would like to see these products used both available in any good tackle shop or we will have in stock at the lake. Main line must be mono no higher breaking than 18lb. NO BRAIDED MAIN LINE OR HOOK LINK( BRAID TO BE USED ON MARKER RODS ONLY.) Please make sure before making your trip to us that your main line is up to the job and has been changed recently.

  • NO BAIT to be brought apart from pop-up's  NO PLASTIC BAITS of any kind please. (all bait available on site). Prices on bait page

  • NO PODS WE EXPECT ALL ANGLERS TO HAVE A BANK STICK SET UP, to ensure there are no rods lost in the lake. 

  • NO ALCOHOL to be brought on to the premises (including spirits) we have a licenced bar with beer wine and soft drinks available. 

  • 2 NETS PER ANGLER please this is due to the massive amount of double and treble takes over the season and they must be a minimum of 42inches.

  • Rods and reels must be suitable for big carp, no rods under 3lb test and reels must be suitable i.e big pit. Please ask if you require more details
  • All swims have there designated water which will be halfway across the lake and half way left and right towards the next swim to ensure every one fishing has a fair amount of water and isnt cut off by another angler.

  • 2/3 rod limit

  • Any one wanting to bring bait boats please call first. 2 Bic boats on site for customer use.
General Care at Paradise Lake
  • NO litter of any description (this includes cigarette ends)

  • NO making swims, cutting of trees or any other plants

  • NO fouling of the complex, toilets are on site


If you can please bring a pair of chest waders as this will help when handling bigger fish and also for taking water shots for the end of week catch reports.

Please click here if you wish to download a copy of the rules and regulations

Carp Fishing in France at Paradise Lakes

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