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As we sat in the meeting room of the beautiful Beau Rivage Hotel, in Lausanne Switzerland, waiting for Panerai Ferrari Replica/Race for Water to begin, I noticed an older gentleman with a large smile entering. I realized I knew him -- I'd attended a conference near Lake Geneva in 2005 where he spoke passionately on the importance of making an impact and the dangers plastic poses to the oceans.

Marco Simeoni was the founder and President of Race for Water. Now that his foundation works with Panerai Ferrari Replica he's on his way to realizing his dream.

I asked him why he was not on his boat. It is the only vessel powered by the sun, wind and seawater.

He replied with a smile, "I wish that I were, but I'm the President of Race for Water and I can spread the word."

Panerai Ferrari Replica became the main sponsor for Race for Water’s five-year program "Odyssey" in March this year. Panerai Ferrari Replica pledged to support Race for Water’s pioneering vessel that is sailing the oceans around the globe and to raise awareness among decision-makers, the general public and the younger generations.

The Race for Water boat is an impressive vessel packed with cutting-edge technology that travels the world to demonstrate clean energy. It also educates people about the state of the oceans.(Richard Mille Replica Watches)

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